Jet Skis & Boats

On the Gulf Coast, we winterize before the off-season to greatly prolong the lives of our water vehicles as well as to prevent costly damages caused by improper storage.


Winterizing Jet Skis and Boats helps to prevent excessive damage like corrosion (salt corrosion, rust, etc), gummed up carburetors and clogged fuel lines from non-stabilized fluids, and on rare occasion, even cracked engines from when the nights drop below freezing.


Has your vehicle been exposed to saltwater? The salt content in the Gulf of Mexico can greatly increase electrochemical corrosion and rust to metals. This preventable corrosion can destroy an otherwise fine vehicle.


Internally, gasoline and fuel these days have a high level of Ethanol, a form of alcohol, which dries out rubber components – this causes premature cracking and damage to fuel lines, engine seals, diaphragms as well as boat fuel float systems.


  • Jet Ski $250 / vehicle

    We winterize all makes and models!

  • Boat $350-450* / vehicle

    Winterize pricing dependent on Boat type!


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