Is your vehicle not running properly? A diagnostic scan is the first step in determining the trouble codes for the vehicle. These codes are necessary in helping us identify services and repairs needed for optimum performance.

From troubleshooting and maintenance, to full service repairs, performance upgrades, and cosmetic body work: we are here to help!


Some of our services:

Basic Diagnostic Scan – $120*

  • Compression Check
  • Spark Check
  • Fuel System Check
  • Cooling System Check
  • Drive Line Inspection
  • Battery Load Test
  • Cable Inspection
  • Visual Inspection for additional repair

*Basic Diagnostic Scan does not include cost of repairs. Cars/Trucks receive complimentary scans with service.

Basic Tune-Up – $350

  • Spark Plug replacement
  • Fuel Filter replacement
  • Oil Filter replacement
  • Check and Clear hoses
  • Battery Load Test
  • Drive Line Lubrication
  • Visual Inspection for additional repairs

Carburetor Maintenance 

  • Rebuild and tune – $300-$1,400

Fuel Injection Maintenance

  • Fuel Injection Cleaning – $55* per injector.

*additional fees may apply for any removal and replacement/installation services.

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